About Me

I am a new grad with a BSE in Computer Science from the University of Michigan, and am actively seeking work. I have interests in web development, Machine-Learning and AI systems, Natural Language Processing, and Cybersecurity!

Highlighted Projects

Below you can see some highlights of projects that I am working on currently!


For my University of Michigan Capstone Project, my team sought to find a way to make high-paid opportunities more attainable for those without college degrees by pointing them toward cheaper educational and certification resources. This full-stack project used the Flask framework for Python, SQLite3 for database operations, a ReactJS front-end using MaterialUI, and is integrated with OAuth2.0 to offer a Google Sign-In option.

NLP Helper Bot

This project uses an Neural Network to classify text inputs, outputting pages from the textbook used for my NLP class at the University of Michigan. The model has an interface designed with wxPython to allow easy text input. Content from the textbook was parsed using PyPDF2, creating a dataset of mock pages that is 28,800 datapoints long.